Earlier this month, March 2020, I got to interact with the developers in Makurdi, Nigeria at a Women TechMakers event. The audience mostly comprised of women developers passionate to learn about web, mobile, and other fields in the software space.

It always feels great to be a part of the events in Makurdi, Nigeria and this time it was no less. I spoke about web components and how we can create those using one framework and consume in any other.
The crowd, though connected remotely, was super interactive and was answering questions, asking questions too related to different concepts and ideas.

In this time of the pandemic crisis with a lot of tension around, being a part of such events/meetups online really brings in a lot of positivity.

I am sharing the slides to my talk at the event here:

Here are some of the pictures from the event:

More: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOeCoFY5TqhDlWAv08agHGFupy6zz6zoZTt3okwR0bR6I1E4HuhxB1hLmDi6iw4ug?key=YVZBZTVyLVpVeWR5ZnFkVmRYWkN2TXRzSnZpNm9n

Online meetups after this?

I will be speaking about ‘Diving deeper into Angular Router’ at Angular Online Meetup on April 25, 5PM to 7PM IST. Find details here.

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