friday night — make an overflowing todo list

saturday morning — waste half a day confused which one to start with, first

saturday evening — anxious having done nothing all day

saturday night — start with one of the items from todo lists, work, realise picking some other item first would have beeen better

saturday late night — read a little to feel better, get some more books (download mostly)

sunday morning — be strict on yourself to start work on time, work a little, finish ONE ITEM off of the ‘overflowing todo list’

sunday afternoon — start worrying about…

This is one of the memory safety bugs in Rust, which we will try to understand through a dialogue in this blog post.

let s1 = String::from("Hello");
let s2 = s1;
let s1 = String::from("Hello");
let s2 = s1;
println!("{}", s1);

Error — use of moved value s1

Do share your understanding.


Pretty sure you know why the blog post has visuals in the first 2–3 paragraphs, and then none! 🤷🏻‍♀️

It wouldn’t have been these many words in this blog post if it was not for the year 2020. Strangest year in my 24 years of living and I believe, the strangest for almost everybody, 2020 had its own way of teaching us stuff the hard way, it be losing our close ones, losing jobs, not having enough opportunity to distract ourselves from the monotonous at-home daily activities etc., city/country unrest, protests and what not! …

I came across a question somewhere regarding adding a custom prompt of “Add to Home Screen” for your progressive web application for the browsers that do not have a built-in support for the same. An example of this is the Safari browser that currently does not prompt the user for adding an app to your home screen as an application.

Now this intrigued me since I am an IOS user and still having never thought to implement one already. Well, it was time to react now that I woke up.

So I implemented a custom add to home screen functionality…

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

Have been exploring redux-saga lately and thought I will put down here a simple counter example using Redux saga with TypeScript to manage the counter state across the application.

We will start with with a simple create-react-app with a Counter Component. In the first part of the article, we will see how to modify the state of the counter without using redux. And in the second part, we’ll maintain the state using redux saga. I am putting it down here, hope this helps some of you too.

Photo by Razvan Horhat on Unsplash

Building your app from a Github repository, with monitored commits and continuous deployment. Sounds fun? We can do this using Azure Static web apps. This was announced at Microsoft Build this year 2020. And, it seems to be making the task of building and hosting our web applications seamless.

heard it right! Hosting web apps, continuous deployment from the Github repo, free SSL certificate that gets auto-renewed, wondering about API support? Azure functions help with that.

What does it take?

  • GitHub repo (Github actions)
  • Azure portal (Static web app)
  • Building and committing

First steps first

Have an existing application on Github and you want to deploy and…

IWD India Summit 2020 is not very far and I am sure all of you are as excited as I am.
I will be talking about framework-agnostic web components in Polymer, Angular etc. on May 31, 2020.

Talk: Web Technologies/Angular
Date & Time: May 31, 3:15PM — 3:45PM

I am writing this blog post to bring up the main reason of why I am so excited to be talking to everyone at this platform. Being aware of the very less participation of women from India in tech communities, contribution in different ways like Writing, Speaking, Stack Overflow, Open source projects…

A hackathon event was organised on April 18, 2020 and we discuss about how the web is getting componentized day by day.

I mainly covered about the importance of web components in the era of changing frameworks and technologies in the world of web. We saw how Polymer components can be created, Angular components can be created as custom elements to be used in other frameworks and how the issues like learning curve of different frameworks, reusability, etc. can be looked into with Web components.

I will be sharing my talk video and the slides here in this blog.

The talk streamed live on youtube with discussions taking place in Discord and the recorded version can be viewed here:


Feedback welcome. Thanks! ❤ ❤ ❤

I shared my two cents about using and deploying your Angular applications to Azure with CI/CD in the Global Azure Virtual 2020 UK and Ireland.

A demo of this is given here in my talk recording:

I have attached screenshots of what it takes during the process. So you can look at those in my slides here:

Thanks much! Feedback welcome ❤

Nishu Goel

Engineer @ The DataWorks, Google GDE, Microsoft MVP, @angular ❤️, Author —

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