With Intellect Podcast, I recorded my engineering journey, starting from participating in Microsoft Imagine Cup Nationals for two years, to working in tech on the web and Golang stack. We also talked about how I was able to be a part of some engineering decisions at workplace and outside.

I also discussed about my book and blogs contributions, about my open source contribution to the Web Almanac.
We has some fun chat as well, around the choice of books, part time stints, hypothetical questions, etc.

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The Web Almanac AMA held on Jan 26th with the recording attached.

So, Here’s the recording of the Web Almanac AMA hosted by WebPageTest this week ICYMI. I shared my experience as an author with other Web Almanac authors and maintainers. We shared some of the insights from our chapters, I talked about some anecdotes from the writing/output process of the JavaScript chapter.
You might want to check it out here!

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A very brief thought about how a developer is busy coding a feature for the application he is building, avoiding every human contact possible for the time being, and suddenly gets all free and available when the feature is done. Why? Because damn! you needed space and now there’s a…

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Hey everyone,
I’ll be speaking at the ReliableWebSummit by #ngconf this August.

The conference revolves around Scalable infrastructure and architecture, Maintainable Code, Automated Testing etc.

Would like to be a part?
Use my speaker code “Speaker” to get 50% off of the current ticket prices or simply click this link.

Date: August 26–27, 2021

See you there :)

Nishu Goel

Nishu Goel

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